Wintertime is almost here!

Wintertime is almost among us again. During this time peoples, train of thought might tend to gear away from the thought of water in the basement. This article is to try and change that mindset, to make people understand the importance of waterproofing in the winter as well. It’s just as important if not more important than addressing the issues you may be having in the summertime. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that can help us to better understand just how impactful winter can be.

The Cold to Warm Days

The structure of your home is very important. Therefore if there are any cracks or areas that are compromised in the foundation, it’s important to quickly take care of them. In the winter when it’s not raining or snowing that often creates moisture and water, and people tend to believe they can wait to take care of some issues. However, when we have cold days where we reach freezing temperatures followed by some nice warmer days, this is where things can become a problem. This is where freezing and thawing can take place. For foundation issues, this can make issues worse, and need to be resolved faster than you may have originally thought. The built and released pressure can cause cracks to expand, and with the ice melting that can then put major pressure on walls below grade level. The best thing to do is always keep an eye on any issues you may be having, and if possible get them replaced as soon as you are able to.

Let it Snow

Snow is something that seems so beautiful and peaceful, so calm and elegant. Snow in the wintertime brings joy to many people, but it can also bring destruction. Heavy snowfall isn’t the problem, it’s the few days after when issues can arise. Any amount of snow is going to melt similar to the cold days that bring us the ice. This could potentially mean massive amounts of water being in a space that may not be good for your basement. It leads to a lot more pressure being put on the foundation walls and onto cracks that may or may not already be an issue. This can be especially impactful if we have tremendous amounts of snow throughout winter. The best thing to do is get the problems fixed as soon as they can if possible, and always keep an eye on any current issues you may be experiencing.