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When there is mold in the house, it has to be removed as soon as possible because it can cause very severe health issues without properly performed mold removal. If you are not sure if there is mold in the house but you are having some unexplained health issues, you should consider an inspection for hazardous mold presence.


Here are some symptoms of being exposed to mold in Houston: Coughing, Irritation of the eyes, Irritation of the throat, Nasal congestion, Respiratory difficulties, Sinus congestion, or Sneezing.

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Jeffrey Knappenberger
Jeffrey Knappenberger
Patrick and Amy were great throughout the whole process of getting our sump pump installed. Patrick came to our house on a Wednesday night and spent over an hour explaining the causes and solutions to our problem. He had visuals and was very detailed. My wife and I never felt pressured to make a decision, which was not the case with other companies, who always seemed to have a deadline for when our estimate price would expire. Their crew came on a Sunday and were quick and precise. We are very happy with Tru Basement Waterproofing and I would recommend them to anyone who has water in their basement!
robert ogle
robert ogle
The owner spent significant amounts of time and analysis on the best approach to treat our crawl space. The work was done professionally, on time, and on budget.
Kayla Olszyk
Kayla Olszyk
Patrick is an awesome guy to work with. He talked on the phone with me for over 30 minutes to give some insight as to what our issue could be. Came out the next day and we had a solution (sump pump and French drains). His team was professional and got the job done in a timely manner. They made sure to clean up before leaving and it was all done at a very fair price. Would recommend to anyone having issues with their basement!
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons
Tru Basement was extremely responsive to our request to visit our property. Pat made time at the end of his day to head out there and walk us through what was needed for our job. He was clear and straightforward and was easy to communicate with. We really appreciated his help!
R Tr
R Tr
With the recent storms we decided to finally fix the cracks in the basement. One had been fixed decades ago but has started leaking again. Patrick came out and looked over the job and was able to slot us in the following week. His team of three came out and dug out the crack from the outside and repaired it. The second re-repair was done from the inside. All looks good, it was done in a day and (knock on wood) all will be good for the next storm.
Adam Eisenberg
Adam Eisenberg
Less than a week after having Tru Basement Waterproofing come out and completed the job we got over an inch of rain in 18 hours. Normally our basement would be covered with water with the amount of rain, but it was PERFECTLY dry. Pat came out and gave a detailed explaining what would be needed on the job, and was a few thousand dollars less expensive than another quote we received. When his crew showed up they were professional and detailed oriented. Even though we were only supposed to get about half of our basement waterproofed they finished about 20% more of the basement for us because they felt it help with our issues. We could not be happier with the outcome of the project and would highly recommend Tru Basement Waterproofing to anyone who needs their services.
Kurt Ruane
Kurt Ruane
After experiencing every home owners worst nightmare Tru Basement came out and assured us that it can be fixed. A few short days later a dry basement was achieved! We are so grateful and would definitely recommend them!
Joe Ceccoli
Joe Ceccoli
Excellent service. Highly, highly recommended. Amy and Patrick have got you set on every aspect of your foundation and waterproofing project. Outstanding work, and will recommend to anyone I know with water issues. Again, highly recommended.

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Mold is a type of fungus that thrives in environments where moisture and humidity are in ample supply.  Mold actually exists almost everywhere as a  microbial organism. When it grows, it can manifest as a black, white, orange, green, or purple substance on a safe.

Mold can live almost anywhere but it mostly prefers places with a lot of moisture. The actual mold spores can travel through the air and that is how they spread from one place to another. People often ask how mold gets into their homes. Since mold spores are very versatile, they can travel by air and access your home or business premises via open doors, windows, chimney and vents. Mold can also be carried into the home on human clothing or pet fur.


Molds, like most fungi, can grow almost anywhere where moisture and organic material are available. In order to spread, mold releases spores which can spread through the air, water, or even on humans and animals.

Mold has a distinct, musty smell and appears as fuzzy, discolored, or slimy patches that increase in size as they grow. If you experience any of the above in your home, it means not only do you have a mold problem, it is also spreading.

Mold spreads rapidly where there is water (and water damage). That is why it is visible in bathrooms, shower stalls, bathroom tiles, and shower curtains, window moldings, the seal on the refrigerator door, surfaces on and around air conditioners, and in the attic.

Before beginning the mold removal and remediation process, TRU Basement Waterproofing technicians will create a containment area using plastic sheets and industrial-class duct tape. This is usually done if the mold infestation is more prevalent in certain areas of the house. The goal is to ensure the mold spores don’t spread. If there is water damage, this process also ensures that the damage is contained in one part of the house. This generally means that the homeowners don’t have to vacate the home during the mold removal and remediation process.

This typically depends on a number of factors such as how much mold is present, where the mold is growing (behind walls, etc.), and the materials it grows on. Also, it’s worth mentioning that mold almost always follows water leaks or water damage. This too has to be addressed and may affect the length of time it takes to complete the process. Generally, you can expect the process to take anywhere from 1 day to 5 days.  For more info, call our customer service line at (610) 213-9995.

In some cases, mold in your home can make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Whether or not you’re allergic to molds, mold exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. Here’s what you can do to combat mold problems, and take care of yourself and your home.

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