Happy Holidays

Thank You

TRU Basement Waterproofing wants to thank all of our customers that we had this year. We know the year did not go as planned, and normal is far from what goes on as part of our everyday lives right now. However are thanks is necessary in large this year because it’s you who have kept us alive. You who have allowed us to take such a stressful and demanding year, and prosper forward and continue to grow. It’s thanks to all of you who have made it possible for our next steps and our future. We look forward to continue to service our surrounding areas and grow in this industry. We thank everyone for allowing us to take responsibility and help them with their projects, and we are excited to gain new family in TRU Basement.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We also want to take time to wish all our TRU family a very Merry Christmas. Again it is in much thanks to all of our clients that we can be operating at this time and excited to keep moving forward. With that we also wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are extremely happy that we get to enter into next year striving and growing as a company!

Holidays as a customer!

Now of course we have to talk about the things we can do for you guys to end this wild and crazy year but also spread holiday cheer. We have a ton of holiday specials to take advantage of, and we also are working with everyone that can assist us with some dates when it comes to scheduling a project you’d like to get done. Let us start your new year off right, and make sure any old basement or foundation issues aren’t a concern any longer. Take advantage of our specials for the holidays and remove the headache of a wet basement.