Steel Piers for Foundation Repair

Steel piers are a type of foundation repair system that is used to support and stabilize the foundation of a building. They are typically used when the soil beneath the foundation has become unstable or has been washed away, causing the foundation to settle or sink.

Steel piers are installed by drilling deep into the ground and then inserting the steel pier into the hole. The pier is then filled with concrete to create a solid foundation that can support the weight of the building.

One of the benefits of steel piers is that they can be installed quickly and efficiently, often in just a few days. They are also strong and durable, able to support even the heaviest of buildings.

In addition to their strength and durability, steel piers are also corrosion-resistant. This means that they will not rust or deteriorate over time, even when exposed to moisture or other environmental factors.

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Professional Steel Pier Installation

When it comes to installation, steel piers are typically installed by trained and certified professionals. The installation process begins with an inspection of the foundation and surrounding soil to determine the cause of the settling or sinking. Once the cause has been identified, the professionals will determine the best location and number of piers needed to support the foundation.

The next step in the process is to drill holes into the ground and insert the steel piers. The piers are carefully positioned and aligned to provide the maximum amount of support for the foundation. Once the piers are in place, they are filled with concrete to create a solid foundation.

After the concrete has cured, the final step is to attach the foundation to the steel piers. This is typically done using a system of steel brackets and bolts, which are carefully adjusted to ensure that the foundation is properly supported and stabilized.

Overall, steel piers are a reliable and effective solution for foundation repair. They provide strong and durable support for foundations and can be installed quickly and efficiently by trained professionals. If you have concerns about the stability of your foundation, it may be time to consider steel piers.


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