Common Questions In The Waterproofing World

What is Basement Waterproofing?

Let’s start with the most simple of all the questions. Basement Waterproofing itself is a system that is installed into a basement or a crawlspace to stop the water from entering that space. There are many different ways water can find its way into your home and damage or ruin your personal property. Our goal is to make sure this no longer happens by giving you the proper fix for your situation at hand. There are many ways to repair a basement by getting water in. The repair itself depends on where the water is coming from and sometimes also how much it brings in during that time.

Is Basement Waterproofing necessary?

This is a question that a lot of people tend to come across when deciding on doing a project like this. There are so many different factors that come into play during each job, no matter whether it is big or small. However, it is almost always necessary. If your house is getting water, then some part of it is compromised and allowing that water to come in. It’s never good for a structural piece of a home to be deemed compromised, so that’s what tends to bring it to a more necessary operation. By no means does it mean your house will fall down unless you have major cracks that run through a majority of the foundation. However this is very rare, it does happen but it’s rare.

Does waterproofing increase the value of the home?

The answer to this question is absolute! This doesn’t mean that selling the house it will add thousands of dollars to the price, but it will make the selling portion much easier and won’t keep people away because the basement gets wet. The value brought with waterproofing is that it stops the water from coming in. This means no more ruined items, no more drying it yourself and spending hours getting using towels or a wet vacuum. It makes that space also become more usable space, which is also valuable when in a home. In some cases it may even turn a space into a livable space, making you able to create another room for all sorts of things. No matter what the reasoning, waterproofing always adds value.

How Much does it cost?

This is the trickiest question throughout the waterproofing world. The cost of a job has so many variables. It is nearly impossible to give you enough information or get enough information from you to determine a price without having an in-person consultation. On average a job in the industry is going to be within the five thousand to seven thousand dollar range. That’s just average, it can be lower but can also be higher. The pricing truly depends on the fix that applies directly to the basement or crawlspace we are working with.

Is basement waterproofing covered by insurance?

No. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not going to cover any projects you may have that require waterproofing. Most of the time the house is being affected by groundwater, so therefore there is nothing the insurance company would be able to assist you with. It is smart though to get flood insurance after having a sump pump installed because if certain scenarios cause the pump to stop working or malfunction, you are more likely to be covered by your insurance.