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Your basement is an important part of your home, but because of its location, it’s usually susceptible to water damage. Frequent water or moisture can damage your home’s foundation and structure. It can also promote the growth of mold, which can be dangerous to your health. With a waterproofing system from TRU Basement Waterproofing, we can help you protect your home and prevent the many problems that water can cause.

Many homeowners have a cinder block foundation made from sand, gravel, water, and lime. Since rainwater and ground water are naturally acidic, they act as a solvent and can break down your cinder blocks. When this happens, you’ll see a white, powdery substance known as efflorescence. You may also see water beading through the wall, which can lead to bigger issues if not addressed.

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Did you Know?

60% of homes in the U.S. have some form of water penetration in the basement.

Our Waterproofing Systems

At TRU Basement Waterproofing, we offer a variety of waterproofing systems that can be tailored to your home’s needs. Our experts have the skills and experience to install a French drain, an interior system, an exterior system, and/or a sump pump to keep your basement safe and dry. Learn more about what we offer:

French Drains

French drains are used to release the hydrostatic pressure and prevent water from pushing against the surfaces by directing it to a more preferable area. They help prevent moisture from penetrating through the wall and causing more issues like cracking or buckling. There are many versions of French drains and we’ll help determine which is best for your home.

Interior Waterproofing

Our interior waterproofing system works to relieve hydrostatic pressure around your basement walls and floor. We’ll create a channel around your basement perimeter and install durable piping, gravel, and a professional drainage system. We’ll also install pump housing to collect water from the perimeter drain and direct it away from your home. This will keep water out of your basement and ensure it stays dry.

Exterior Waterproofing

If your basement is prone to flooding and is in need of more thorough waterproofing, we offer an exterior waterproofing system. Here, we’ll remove part of the earth around your home’s foundation. Then, we’ll clean, scrape, and sanitize your walls and fill in any cracks or holes with epoxy. After that, we’ll apply a professional membrane to your entire foundation and install a drain at the footer to direct water away from your home. With an exterior waterproofing, you can enjoy a safe, dry basement.

Sump Pumps

At TRU Basement Waterproofing, we often install a sump pump in your home as part of our waterproofing systems. This machine works to collect and direct water away from your home in order to protect it. We’ll choose the ideal area of your basement for your sump pump and connect it properly. Your system will turn on and off when needed to keep your home safe and dry.

Our Waterproofing Systems

If you want to provide your home with protection that lasts, a basement waterproofing system is a valuable investment. At TRU Basement Waterproofing, we can help you decide on a system that’s right for you. Then, we’ll install it quickly so you can prevent water damage to your basement floor, walls, foundation, and more. A waterproofing system can even help you increase your home’s market value. For more information, contact us today.


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